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Originally Posted by banjo_billy View Post
Some printers? Do you have a reliable printer who will do this?
Our Oklahoma printer had a contract with FED-X for years but recently cancelled it and laid off the extra employees required to box and ship papers. However, there's bound to be lots of small town newspaper printers, out of the thousands out there, that still ship papers via FED-X for their clients. Finding one who'll even print "pro-white newspapers", is a challenge, though. About 50 turned me down in 04, and I had to haul VNN's first three editions all the way from north Georgia, a 1,200-mile round trip before I learned about the one in Oklahoma.

One can obtain phone numbers for small town newspapers via google. Just phone and ask who prints their paper. Then phone the printer and ask if they'll print your pro-white newspaper. Those mere words, "pro-white" scares the shit out of most. But nowadays, with the economy collapsing, there should be some who'll do it, just for the money.

Hey PA Man. I've got about 1,000 TAA-4s left, and I'd like to get them out, myself. Plus, I need coupla hundred on hand to mail to potential WNs who phone, write, or visit me.
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