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Greg Johnson wrote:

>1. Revisionists themselves concede that many innocent Jews died in WW II, and that is "Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes...

>2. In the end, I think that the facts are on the Jewish side, in the sense that even if all the after-the-fact lies deducted from the story, there's still "Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes.

>3. I would like whites to become serenely indifferent to guilt trips and moral blackmail, no matter what our people have done in the past. A race with the vitality and will to power to project future cannot be tied to past negatives.


Please quantify what you think is '"Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes'.

Is 500,000 dead as a result of disease, starvation and other general consequences of a breakdown in basic infrastructure, along with no genocidal plan and of course no gas chambers? Are these the facts that you think are on the jewish side? I really don't think so.

Give us some concrete minimum criteria (instead of constant evasions) of what you think jews would accept as a 'Holocaust'.
What is the minimum combination that you (or jews) think, constitutes a 'Holocaust'?

Your opinions on this have vague generalizations about them, because as you have said elsewhere you really don't have much of an interest in the topic and have not studied it.

Your being 'serenely indifferent no matter what our people have done in the past' idea sounds a little like you're suggesting a psychopathic attitude. Guilt is good if it stems from real crimes. But creating endless guilt based on gigantic lies broadcast everyday of our lives by jewish media propaganda is criminal abuse. And this is what you are condoning (by 'stepping over'), the continuing abuse by jewish media of Whites through jewish 'Holocaust' lies. Whites have a guilty conscience because they are being told non-stop, cradle to grave, by jewish media that Whites are evil.

Another thing is your disrespect to Revisionists by your advice. They have labored away, suffering persecution, through jail sentences, loss of jobs and so on because they believed in the need for the truth to come out: that the 'holocaust' is in actual fact a hoax. So you come along, in confessed ignorance, and dismiss them with "Holocaust enough" talk.

Step over your own ignorance and study the 'Holocaust' properly and come back in six months with Version 2 of your essay.