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You Know, you have a real shit attitude for a "nurse."

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Sorry, but I don't know that much about computers. So now you're trying to say the pics aren't of me?

The best selling nurses' guide to understanding and using computers in the workplace—now revised and completely up-to-date. New edition discusses the increasing use of specialized software within nursing curriculums. Examines use of the Internet as a powerful research tool; the way computers are changing the practice of nursing and the NCLEX; telemedicine; and more.

Written by leaders in nursing informatics,this comprehensive,up-to-date text explores computers' many key roles in nursing today. Packed with insights and examples from today's hospitals and practices,Essentials of Computers for Nurses provides timely guidance on:
*Computer applications in critical care,community health,and ambulatory care
*Controversies,including health care policy,privacy,confidentiality,and security
*Computing tools for administration and management
*Learning with computers
*Extending the power and reach of research
*Views and uses from around the world—Europe,Canada,the Pacific Rim,and South America
*Perspectives on future uses of informatics in nursing Offering theoretical background to help you understand how informatics serves many aspects of the profession,Essentials of Computers for Nurses also gives you practical help in unlocking computing's benefits both now and into the future,no matter what your area of study or specialty. In addition,a generous assortment of case studies and examples make the material easier to master.
You should keep yourself updated. Your career just might depend on it.