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Originally Posted by Johnsonsmith View Post
with every uptick in the DjIA the new world order run by Goldman and Bank of Jewmerica gain more power at the expense of everyone else.
I think they have peaked or are peaking in power.their power required a lack of awareness from ordinary people, but ordinary people are getting a clue. especially, I'd say, in the Pacific Northwest with all the "DIY" movements, and this will spread East, as all cultural movements do.

You have White racialism blossoming in California, and economic relocalization/DIY in Northern CA and Oregon

the "pushbutton power" of the jews is hitting diminishing returns, and they are desperately papering over their losses, attempting to hide them, attempting to keep the music playing another day, another day.

the end of economic growth and the beginning of economic contraction is going to be an endgame for them. they will be forced to take drastic, incredibly risky measures.
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