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Originally Posted by George Witzgall View Post
police abusing their power vs. white supremacy

it's a toss-up for the msm.
Not sure about that. Kwaps abuse their authority left and right in the kwa and very little of it makes the news. Personally, I would consider the nigger kwap busted for waving his pistol around and yelling 'das racist' in a drive through over the time of his order to be a more interesting story that Strom's. That is just one example. In fact, I once found a blog that did nothing but compile crooked kwap stories and there were lots of them.

From the text of the story, it would seem that Strom has rejected WNism, so that isn't much of an angle to play up.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
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