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I wached some new evidence about mysterious disappearance of the Neanderthals ...

Humans are geneticly compatibile with Neandrethals (they can produce offsprings), it is like two kinds of dogs: bernandine and pitbull.

That new theory say:

Humans killed all Neandrethals.

It is realy simple, and from my point of view, it can be right theory, Neandrethals was living in small families (50 people), and Humans live in big tribes (1 000 people)..war between those two races ended with Humans victory and full extermination of Neandrethals. Logical, bigger group is victoruios and also brutal exterminators.

BTW. Neandrethal was stronger and agile than Human, and also better use of tools.

Proff of this theory was founded in Neandrethals caves, last cave was on Giblatar (last standing colony). Mother Venus signs founded across Europe, what can suggested that Humans was have same religion and some kind of tribal alliance (first nation) in that time. No mixing between those two races say that Neandrethals was demons to Humans, not only enemy, but religious, evel demons, "things" which must be exterminated.

That war was lasted for thousands years. Very long war....

Neandrethals from Croatia...in Krapina:

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