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Default Abby Sewell: Blame Whites for explosives at Black rally

"The area has a history of white supremacist activity. Until 2001, the Aryan Nations was headquartered in nearby Hayden Lake, Idaho. As recently as April 2009, the Spokesman-Review newspaper reported that residents of a Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, subdivision had found Aryan Nations recruitment letters on their lawns... "

The area also has an even longer, more intensive history of apple, cherry, and cabbage production. The point?

However, according to "David Hothouse," writing for the SPLC's HateWatch online screed, that the motto of the Aryan Nations was “Violence solves everything.”

The question that always comes up for me in such situations, including those yellow spray-painted Stars of David intended to imply the sinister specter of anti-Semitism, is where's the evidence to justify smearing Whites when Jews have been apprehended probably more often making such and worse bombs (Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer come to mind), not to mention spraying graffiti on their synagogues.