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Default It is NOT unconscious...

America First wrote, "However, reading the current issue of the ACLU newsletter, I found myself wondering if the ACLU is unconsciously contributing to the public’s indifference and hostility to civil liberty. The newsletter’s list of legal highlights for 2010 presents the ACLU’s activities as being concentrated in efforts to legalize homosexual marriage, to protect abortion from curbs, and to end the promotion of religious beliefs in public schools... "

20 years or so ago, along my path learning to better discriminate and that it is difficult to take something good away from a relationship with a bad person, a Jew client, a female, former California university professor, gave me a ACLU tee shirt. She had previously explained how she resented her having been told by her host on a trip to Israel that if she continued "seeing" a Sephardic military officer that he-- a "racist" Ashkenazi Jew-- would no longer let her stay in his household. And she profusely thanked me for what I had done to help her, obviously kissing-up, so to speak. Then she tried to steal from me and had previously, it turns out, tried to steal from one of my associates.

The only effective rat poison is almost 100% pure food and that's what it takes to chum-in remarkably wary rats. Getting the tee shirt, compliments, and a would-be financial screwing from such a creature got me looking not only at doing business with Jews but considering the ACLU-- who they are, what they do, and how they do it-- evidence that things are seldom what they seem-- that there's both a good reason and a real reason for everything.

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