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Smile Cyndi Published in Bonner Daily Bee

I am utterly amazed that Cyndi finally got this published. They even published her website.

Stories have ignored important facts in case

Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011 10:00 am

I am the wife of First Amendment lawyer Edgar Steele and I object to the reporting in your Dec. 17 article regarding the February 2011 sentencing of Idaho’s pipe bomber, Larry Fairfax. Your article doesn’t mention that my mother and I are victims of Fairfax’s attempts to murder us, but states that we are victims of my husband’s alleged crime: murder-for-hire.

Your article completely missed the fact that my mother and I believe my husband is innocent. The article mentions that Fairfax came “forward” supposedly to tell authorities the whole truth about his criminal activities, but says nothing about him lying to the FBI when he kept secret that a bomb was attached to my car.

Other missed facts:
1. In May and early June of last year, my husband and I discovered Fairfax was stealing from us (an obvious motivation for accusing my husband of a crime to take the “heat” off of him and cover up these thefts);
2. Fairfax, who attached the bomb to my car, admits knowing I was about to embark on a 1000-mile journey through populated areas;
3. As early as May, either Fairfax or his alleged accomplice, James Maher, could have reduced the public safety risk by informing authorities of the bomb, but they chose to “assume” that it had fallen off my car (creating more public risk) instead of telling authorities, they kept the secret until discovery of the bomb in an oil change on June 15;
4. On June 8 when he came “forward,” Fairfax was represented by a retired judge, James Michaud, who did not disclose the bomb;
5. FBI is supposed to protect citizens from crime, but instead of protecting the public, the government has carefully protected Fairfax from the serious consequences of his crimes;
6. FBI attempted to tamper with my testimony;
7. FBI “evidence tapes,” supposedly of my husband’s voice, were obviously fabricated;
8. The government has “plausible deniability” of their own corruption if Fairfax claims he didn’t inform them about the bomb;
9. FBI aware of death threats by ADL against my husband and our family for years, including this threat: “The FBI would love to see you dead!”;
10. Fairfax’s plea to the lesser crimes of manufacturing and possessing an illegal weapon rather than the serious crimes of attempted murder with an explosive device, allows him to take the “fall” for the government;
11. Fairfax didn’t have to face a grand jury because charges were simply “filed” against him, thus helping him avoid the consequences of the real crimes he committed against me and the public; and
12. Tthe soft plea deal in February for Fairfax means that he will not spend more than a year in prison, while in March my husband must face charges that could mean a sentence upwards of 70 years.

Let me be absolutely clear, my husband, Edgar Steele is innocent and did not hire Larry Fairfax or anyone to kill me or anyone else.
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