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I just spent the last several years in Nursing school and this is what I saw: In the cafeteria...us white people sitting there at the table with one bottled water to drink. No money for food. Why? Because we are not black, Hispanic, or anything else...so, we do not get extra money for food because our student loan is not for black, white, american indian and so on. So, how many times did I go to class starving like you would not believe!!! let me count the times!! Can't!! I saw those blacks and various other browns with TONS of cash in their pocket to eat at school while in class!! I had to use my white intelligence to survive just to be able to "think" about what was going on in Lab because I was so hungry!! Then go to my next class and listen to a bunch of fair and balanced B.S.and don't think you are going to say anything about it unless you want the prof to throw you out of the class!! And do not get me started on my Social Anthropology class!! Total nightmare class for any white person in any college!! I went home many days in tears!!! But, I was determined! Why? because I chose Nursing to be able to some day help my own people and my own race!! That is why I became a Nurse. I and many other white racial students in my Nursing program paid a huge price to be able to accomplish our goals. To provide the best health care possible for our own race.