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Yes, I literally felt as though I was in prison. With standards lowered....so the next brown thing can also be a Nurse as well. The only class you did not see that in was Anatomy and Physiology....which was probably the only wash-out class there.....that is the class where you start to see all the browns leave. They simply cannot understand it....at ....all....period. That is also where you find most of your seemingly somewhat white racial Instructor's who hide in the Lab's and really do not have much to do with the other mainstream college prof's.

Sorry people do not mean to babble on and on......just sharing my experience which I'm quite sure many of you can see the picture here.

And if you are white the tuition is out of this world because the Jewish-versities use our money to give to blacks and any other brown...so they can eat....while the white students most of them that is....sit there starving watching them with our money the college just took from us....So glad I have a white racial father.....he tried his best to make sure it didn't happen, but, lot's of times it did.

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