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I'm beginning to think that they don't want people getting screened for disease in hopes that by the time people realize they are seriously ill it will be too late.

I was put through a stress test when I secured a new cardiologist and hadn't had a good physical in some time including cardiac testing. I take a heart medication that increases the S-T segment which without the medication might indicate coronary blockage. My cardiologist had me come back the next morning for a nuclear stress test which gave me no small amount of alarm until I came home and researched the results of stress tests in patients taking digoxin. I found two studies that showed such patients would likely show suppressed S-T segments which in those cases would be normal.

The nuclear stress test was normal and I now know I don't have any coronary blockage.

I'm still for preemptive testing and don't think you all should dismiss such testing because "they" change their opinion and reverse course. I don't think one can rely on anything coming from the media or medical researchers these days.