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Originally Posted by Clancy View Post
What is it with your monomaniacal obsession with the very rare occurrence of White men miscegenating with blacks?
I'm not obsessed. To begin with it's race-mixing. Does it only count when it's a white woman? If it were I'm sure this would be 5 pages long of you calling her a mudshark and coalburner. Thats fine but don't be a hypocrite.

Rare? Rare compared to what? I've come to the conclusion that areas where there are more blacks you will have more white guys race-mixing with them than you will white girls. There just happens to be more areas in the U.S. that white people are a majority. I could talk about Asians but I don't see this because there are like no Asians where I live, and I could understand that a little more. I've also seen where some of you have just plain lied saying white men race-mix less. White men marry outside their race more than white women. That is marriage. Then you have things like this which wouldn't show up on a census