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Here is another tactic used a lot at CODOH - ALWAYS post a negative comment ASAP after a thread has started that calls for REAL action. Look at what "borjastick" does to this great thread:


A note about this borjastick. To my knowledge, he has never been given a warning, even after making personal threats to other posters. He seems to have a protected status at CODOH and is ALWAYS supporting the pukes that write for Inconvenient History. (You know, the ones who are always oh so quick to cede holohoax lies to the jews.)

There has been a change at CODOH. They have been infected with the same virus as Mark Weber, but they are just being more subtle about it.

Is there anyone here who doubts that there are numerous moles in the so-called "revisionist" movement? Is there anyone who doubts that "revisionists" have been and are being blackmailed and/or bribed?