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James Hawthorne:

I think they are all getting themselves ready for the release of David Irving's "Himmler" book, which as I have stated, will say the German Reich gassed 3.5 Million jews.
Here is a tread at CODOH that talks about Irving being blackmailed. (Look at the posts from "werd.")

I never trusted Irving. Why is he walking around and given mainstream press while Zundel and Rudolf were serving their full jail sentences? Sure Zundel got in the news but he sealed his celebrity when he eventually kicked ass in Canada back in the 80's, but why not a word about Rudolf in the mainstream press? They are normal heterosexual family men and can't be blackmailed like Irving. Baron has the answers - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=536 - and sadly not even revisionists who are AGAINST Irving, and for good reason, want to hear them? Why is that? Why the disconnect? We don't have to believe everything Baron says, like when he says Isarel had no part in 9-11 or Kennedy's murder, but he's correct on Irving. Nobody's perfect. Chew up the meat and spit out the bones. Seriously, how hard is that? I have his book on Irving and it's VERY DAMNING. When Baron really wants to, he can produce some great stuff.

There are two other things to take note of on this thread. That protected poster "borjastick" steps in right away and defends Irving. And a poster named "Twila" was later banned after attacking him. Compare what Twila had to say about Irving with what borjastick said. Twila was banned and borjastick is protected. (Also notice how werd is harassed by the "moderator.") What does that tell you about what's going on at CODOH?

Here is another comment about Irving from that thread that is very interesting:

Zundel, before he was incarcerated for questioning the absurd 'holocaust', told me face to face that he thought Irving was "mentally unstable" and specifically predicted that Irving would turn against Revisionists. Zundel and many others, like myself, saw this coming long ago. Having sat with Irving and chatted on two occasions, I can tell everyone that Irving is self centered to a degree that can only be described as comical, a 'bozo'. As well, advancing senility has had a profound effect upon on the very sad David Irving.