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Greg Johnson
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Default Deaing with the Holocaust

1. I have gotten together with MacDonald and Weber here in California a number of times. On two occasions, a fellow traveler who married an Asian woman BEFORE he became racially aware was present. (I think it is a shame he married outside his race, but they have no children and are not going to have any, and he has done good work, so I was willing to work with him. The fact that he TALKED about these meetings, however, does change my willingness to talk to him.)

2. However, none of the conversations I have had with Weber since 2002 (when I first met him at an AmRen conference) have dealt with revisionism. And prior to sending MacDonald the article, I never discussed it with him. In fact, we have not discussed it at all. He just published the piece.

3. I have never discussed revisionism with Jared Taylor. And I have made perfectly clear to him, in person and in print, that I don't agree with his policy on the Jewish question. It would be one thing for him just to avoid the issue altogether, but it is another thing to claim that Jews are white just like us.

4. Alex, you are right about Holocaust education for children: it is child abuse, pure and simple, and parents should raise holy hell about it. That is true, regardless of the truth of the Holocaust, though.

5. All whites are victims of Holocaust abuse, for that matter, and it is a major problem. It is one of the chief tools Jews use to stigmatize white ethnocentrism, pride, self-assertion, and nationalism -- while simultaneously using it to support Jewish ethnocentrism, self-assertion, and nationalism. We desperately need to deal with the Holocaust.

6. But revisionism is not enough, because even if revisionists expose every lie ever told about the Holocaust, a lot of Jews STILL died in WW II at the hands of the Germans and their allies -- and honest revisionists admit that. And that fact alone is "Holocaust enough" for Jews to keep milking money and pity out of whites until we cease to exist.

7. We know that many lies were told about the Holocaust by the survivors, the Allies, and the Jewish leadership. But none of the people who died at the hands of the Germans told those lies. So revealing that OTHER PEOPLE told lies about the Holocaust for financial and political gain is not sufficient reason to stop feeling sorry for the victims, and that is "Holocaust enough" for the Jews to exploit.

8. The sort of revisionist arguments being shopped around by Hadding Scott that allow him to say "serenely" that "the Holocaust did not happen," that "zero people died in the Holocaust," etc., are premised on verbal slight of hand. He stipulates that the Holocaust was the attempt to kill every Jew on the planet, and since the Germans obviously were not trying to do that, there was no Holocaust. Or, the Holocaust means killing Jews in gas chambers, and since that did not happen, there was no Holocaust. He even claims that the world's most famous Holocaust victim, Anne Frank, was not a Holocaust victim because she did not die in a gas chamber or Hitler was not trying to kill every Jew. Sensible people look at arguments like that and ask: "But what about the big pile of Jews that revisionists admit actually died?" Aren't they "Holocaust enough" for whites to feel guilt and self-hated?

Hadding is an autistic flim-flam man, or to use Alex's phrase, a socially-awkward detail stickler. No rational person is fooled by that nonsense. The fact that this kind of sophistry is being peddled by revisionists puts the whole enterprise under a cloud of suspicion. I know there are honorable and good people involved in revisionism, and they need to police the kooks so they do not ruin their credibility.

9. So let's grant for the sake of argument that, when their work is done, revisionists establish that the Germans never intended to kill every Jew on the planet, or even every Jew in Germany; that there were no homicidal gas chambers and gas vans; that the survivors and Allies and Jewish leaders made up a lot of outlandish lies; etc. I submit -- and they admit -- that "Holocaust enough" would remain.

I'm not "conceding" that. Revisionists concede it. I am just bearing the bad news and claiming that revisionism is NOT ENOUGH to deal with the Holocaust problem. The revisionists can win every argument, and there will still be Holocaust enough for them to SELL our people on a one way guilt trip to oblivion. So we need to work on our people to prevent them from BUYING it.

Read my essay to see more: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net...the-holocaust/