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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Hadding is an autistic flim-flam man, or to use Alex's phrase, a socially-awkward detail stickler. No rational person is fooled by that nonsense. The fact that this kind of sophistry is being peddled by revisionists puts the whole enterprise under a cloud of suspicion. I know there are honorable and good people involved in revisionism, and they need to police the kooks so they do not ruin their credibility.
Hadding is a dweebish type, which explains his inability to understand how the world actually works in relation to our cause. That is true. But in his badger hole, he's quite formidable. On his strong points, which are the factual fine points of Nazi/Holocaust/historical/Covington/NA stuff, he's very strong, and those are the ones you're trying to beat him on. I believe most people will perceive he got the better of the exchange.

You're basically, Herr Johnson, ceding ground for no reason. As Hadding and others are pointing out, the facts are on our side. Why not use them? Why in the world would you cede the basis of the holocaust agitprop when the supposed atrocity is factually baseless? Are whites not even supposed to fight back at all when communist jews are mass-murdering them? And if they do, and they manage a few killshots, they're then somehow guilty for that? It makes no sense whatsoever. You're acting just like the enemy: whatever the white man does is wrong, and he's always guilty.

Just imagine how much stronger our cause would be if respected, brilliant men like you and MacDonald would use a term like Holohoax. Please deeply consider why you won't use it. You know darn well it's not because the term isn't appropriate. Your own arguments basically say that. Why you think it's autistic to refuse to accept the opponents' prejudiced verbal frames I do not understand. The only neologism you guys will use is $PlC, which is factually wrong and politically inept. But it comes from someone respectable, so even MacDonald will use it.

I guess I'm just disappointed. MacDonald is probably too old to change and/or understand what I'm saying, but you are young enough that you should understand the deeper implications of ceding these biggest of lies to our worst enemy.

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