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Greg already dodged that one on his own article, which has gotten over 600 mostly negative comments.


1) Do you believe cyanide insecticide (Zyklon B) gas chambers killed about a million Jews?

2) Do you believe captured Soviet tank engines was used to gas about 2 million Jews?

3) Do you believe "gas vans" were used to kill a few hundred thousand Jews?

4) Do you believe, as Father Dubois and his Rothschild funders promote, that 2 million Jews were killed in a "Holocaust by Bullets" on the Eastern Front?

This is the official "Holocaust" story.

If he does believe these, fine. I even respect that. Myself, I'm only about 90% sure it's, as Fritz Berg says, a "dirty Jewish hoax". I'd like to see more evidence, such as an exhumation of the alleged million dead at Treblinka.

If he knows these are lies, yet thinks we should let the Jews have their "Holocaust" because of photographs of bodies at Bergen Belsen and Dachau - that's something else.