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Greg Johnson:

When the Holocaust is brought up, I really don't think we should respond to it.

Just look how effective Eric Hunts questions are.

Answer them Greg, so we can all sit back and watch Eric destroy you with the truth. We have the truth on our side. And we have forensic science.

Why do people like Greg Johnson want to run away from the holohoax issue when we can crush the jews with truth and science and reason?

Because he doesn't have it in him to fight the good fight. (That's why he's cravenly attacking Hadding Scott rather than the jews.)

BTW, here is a quote from Hadding Scott:

By choosing not to dance around various taboos, one retains the ability to make sense, which is crucial for appealing to thinkers, and for bringing them to the necessary radical conclusions.

We have to speak to the deeper souls, the people driven by idealism. These are people with a conscience and a disdain for falsehood, people who have an inner voice that objects to following the crowd when the crowd is demonstrably wrong...

Truth has to be paramount. The most significant figure in the American racialist cause since World War II —William Luther Pierce — was largely, perhaps primarily, motivated by indignation at the lies all around him...

...we have to respect our audience and give them the undiluted truth that they desire...

It sounds like Greg Johnson is the kind of guy who likes to dilute the truth and dance around taboos and throw jews bones rather than speak the truth and kick jew ass. (In ohter words, a milquetoast "revisionist" and a member of the "holohoax light" crowd.)

BTW Greg, Do you deny the holocaust?