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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Don't forget "deconstructed."

But better yet, don't let the satirist jack this thread and lock the thinker in the trunk. We need Alex the thinker on this one.
Yeah, deconstructed too, for sure.

But look at this off TOO comments.

This is from that jasonspeaks, who I think is a jew troll or serving the anti agenda. He makes my point:

However, there must be something about the revisionist history that isn’t quite such knock-down proof, or otherwise doesn’t quite ring true, because I don’t see too many otherwise honest scholars like MacDonald embracing it.

That shows you the power you and MacDonald have. It's really not like you disagree with the case that's been made, your essay shows that.

Using Holocaust straight up is like acceding in a crime. Against your own race.

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