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Originally Posted by Eric-Hunt View Post
You believe that whites, upon learning that 6 million, gas chambers, gas vans, etc., were all part of the greatest hoax in human history- a genocidal Jewish-led conspiracy which spanned decades, would still feel sorry for the Jews at the same level they do now?

-- Based upon photographs of some victims of typhus, dysentery, and allied bombing at the end of a World War which ended with the nuking of tens of thousands of innocent civilians?

The simple fact is if the Jewish community, using their Big Lie technique pointed out by Hitler, Schopenhauer, and Martin Luther manufactured "The Holocaust" Big Lie, then their internment during World War II as the most subversive entity which has ever existed was entirely justified. Yes, down to the Jew children such as Irene Zisblatt, who after deliberately being kept alive by the Germans in camps grew up to psychologically torment our children with her Spielberg produced Zionist scat torture fantasies.
Yes...very well said. This is pure Jared-jew-servin'-Taylor bs about whites having some kind of racial moral problem. It's flat not the case. These people feel guilty about "the" "Holocaust" because they believe it actually happened the way they're told it did. Even if it were justified, it really would be pretty bad if the Germans were gassing huge masses of jews to death, wouldn't it? Well, that's what they're teaching, and whites have the natural reaction to it.

But whites also have a natural reaction to BEING LIED OUT THE ASS TO FOR DECADES ON END. That's what we need to tap into, and there's only one way to do it.

WE need the shock and awe and outrage. Don't cede anything. Attack. Attack them as big liars, atrocity committers, and White genocidalists. What a holy trinity that could be. They lied about what happened to them. The lied about what they did to us then. And they're lying about what they're doing to us now. They are hoaxers, liars and genocidalists. Nothing they say can be believed.

That's how you use 'the' 'holocaust' politically, by taking the bat away from them and bashing their heads in. It can be done. But there has to be will.