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Greg Johnson
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Originally Posted by Lew_ View Post
- Before the Jewish media takeover, unearned guilt seems to be non-existent among Whites.

- After the Jewish media takoever, unearned guilt has become pervasive among Whites. The exception is when events that you would expect to trigger guilt are aligned with Jewish interests.

So yeah, on reflection, I think you're right; this inherent race-guilt argument quickly crumbles upon scrutiny. Not is only is there no evidence Whites feel guilty for no reason, there is evidence the guilt perfectly aligns with Jewish media presentation, and Jewish presentation is the only explanation that makes sense.
Alex's argument is specious. Of course Jews are manipulating white guilt to serve their interests. But that does not imply that white guilt is an entirely Jewish invention, that whites are merely passive and innocent victims of Jewish mental aggression. All the Jewish propaganda in the world couldn't sell white guilt if white people were not willing to buy it. And as far as I know, whites are the only race weak and foolish enough to buy it.

Have you ever heard of Jesus? The core of Christianity is the doctrine of that Jesus, who was without sin, took the sins of man upon himself and suffered our punishment for us, to square things with God. The whole doctrine is premised on the most primitive and absurd notion of justice, namely that justice can be done by punishing an innocent party in the place of the guilty party (which in turn is premised on the idea that punishment is first and foremost just a matter of animal sadism: the wounded animal lashes out in anger, and whether he lashes out at the innocent or the guilty does not really matter, because it feels the same to him). It is moral savagery wrapped up in religious sanctimony.

Modern white guilt is just a secularized version of Christian vicarious atonement: whites derive psychological gratification and social status from Jews, Christians, and liberals by assuming the unearned guilt of other whites and suffering for it (or, better yet, making other whites -- "those people," who are not so enlightened) suffer for it, by giving our countries away to non-whites and Jews.

I recommend that everyone re-read my essay "Our Fault?" before you buy Alex's claim that I am selling the "white suicide meme." He's pushing a crude false dichotomy here. http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/04/our-fault/