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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Alex's argument is specious. Of course Jews are manipulating white guilt to serve their interests. But that does not imply that white guilt is an entirely Jewish invention, that whites are merely passive and innocent victims of Jewish mental aggression. All the Jewish propaganda in the world couldn't sell white guilt if white people were not willing to buy it. And as far as I know, whites are the only race weak and foolish enough to buy it.
Really? Blacks blame whites for their problems. This is the result of jews destroying alternative ways of looking at things (self-help or back-to-Africa) and making sure the only message blacks hear is: whites are guilty. What we see in society today is the masses reflecting the messages they uniformly receive from authority.

Have you ever heard of Jesus? The core of Christianity is the doctrine of that Jesus, who was without sin, took the sins of man upon himself and suffered our punishment for us, to square things with God. The whole doctrine is premised on the most primitive and absurd notion of justice, namely that justice can be done by punishing an innocent party in the place of the guilty party (which in turn is premised on the idea that punishment is first and foremost just a matter of animal sadism: the wounded animal lashes out in anger, and whether he lashes out at the innocent or the guilty does not really matter, because it feels the same to him). It is moral savagery wrapped up in religious sanctimony.
The last thing people unnaturally prone to feeling guilt would want to do is foist it off on another. Whites actually like christ-inanity because they enjoy luxuriating in the self-pity it affords: they identify with jesus. The world abuses them unfairly, and they are living martyrs. No one understands or appreciates them. Examination of conscience is not popular with christians or anyone else.

Look at the real psychology of those who have been intellectually persuaded by the authority teaching that whites are uniquely responsible for racism and 'the' 'holocaust.' They don't show they feel any personal guilt. Those whites wearing yokes to apologize for slavery are a tiny fetishistic minority of a larger minority of illiberals, yet you and Liar Taylor pretend they are representative. The average person doesn't doubt the teachings of authority, knows that it's not safe to go against them publicly, and knows...the important part...those who do go against them are fair game to be beaten up on in the most abusive terms. Which these authority-conformists, a good share of them, really enjoy. White guilt is nowhere to be found. Rather, many have been taught by authority that to redeem their race they must act and believe differently, and help stamp out any atavistic tendency not in line with the new order. This they do with some relish, sort of an inverted bloodlust born of conformity. Just as we see with the war against Iraq.

Modern white guilt is just a secularized version of Christian vicarious atonement: whites derive psychological gratification and social status from Jews, Christians, and liberals by assuming the unearned guilt of other whites and suffering for it (or, better yet, making other whites -- "those people," who are not so enlightened) suffer for it, by giving our countries away to non-whites and Jews.
That's accurate. But without jews being the authority, transmitting their message thru school, the political class and the mass media, this view would be a tiny-minority view. Jews took over the media because they had to. They took over the media for precisely this reason: they can use it to mold the mass mentality. They have succeeded. They reap their rewards. You're ignoring all that, but it is the main thing. Not some non-existent white propensity to feel guilt.

I recommend that everyone re-read my essay "Our Fault?" before you buy Alex's claim that I am selling the "white suicide meme." He's pushing a crude false dichotomy here. http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/04/our-fault/
I'll read and respond to that later, altho I probably already have read it and don't remember.

There's nothing crude and dichotomous about the fact that the jews abuse our people with Holohoax lies daily, and your view is that we should just...let them. You are wrong.

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