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Originally Posted by Henry. View Post
The 'Holocaust' is the chapter MacDonald chose not to write.

Even the awakened psychologist is unable to deal with the Big Lie (as Hitler predicted) and so now he denies that which his own work serves to explain.

Not withstanding his obvious aversion to the term, MacDonald has been a 'revisionist' of both science and history and because of this his work and reputation have been dumped on by the Jews and the mainstream. But now he's finally folded and is caught trying to shit on his neighbours who've spent years ploughing the very field that flows out from his own.

As things stand MacDonald is cursed like Cassandra. And no one can ever trust his word or purpose again.
Prior to blacklistings /ruined academic careers and prison sentences, supernatural explanations were not customarily considered either permissable or persuasive by most historians. McDonald lost his nerve.