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Default Elisa Hategan Traitor, Liar and Manipulator. Bernie Farber's Attention Seeking Lapdog Is Off Her Leash

Elisa Hategan was an active White Nationalist in the 1990's in the Heritage Front which I was also a member and organizer of. She was a member, a speaker at times but now overplays her role in the HF and she had nothing to do with the fall of the Heritage Front that I ran a chapter of in the year 2000 almost a decade after she left the movement because she again sees herself as relevant to get attention. She turned against us not because of change in her beliefs or seeing the light but because she feared going to jail over some fliers that were distributed by her that she made without Heritage Front authorization that violated hate laws and she lied and blamed the leadership and my friend Wolfgang so she testified against the leadership in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Once you testify against your own people no matter what affiliation or type of group there is no turning back and no forgiveness.

As others in the same situation like Brad Galloway that testified against his own to stay out jail like a coward will always run to the Jews like Bernie Farber (Former Leader of Canadian Jewish Congress) (Current Leader of CAHN) in charge of anti-racism groups for protection and help. In exchange they must convert to Judaism, say they are part Jewish or marry a Jew with promises of book deals, paid speaking engagements, fame and whatever job they want.

A former anti-racist Alicia Reckzin that turned against white nationalism because her heart was broken by two white nationalists turned on us and went through a leftist phase for about 15 years before coming back to us and she told us how Bernie Farber and his people operate and treat gentiles taking control of them, their minds and their narratives. They are told what to say, how to act and to make up lies like saying "White Nationalists target people that are seeking belonging that don't fit in and praying on their fears" as Elisa Hategan parrots what she is told to say like a good lap dog. Alica said how she was ostracized experienced racism by Jewish Supremacists like Bernie Farber and on the outside being treated badly and with scorn by the B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress (Bernie Farber) because she was Scottish/Welsh (Reckzin is her Polish stepfather's name) and a Buddhist and refused to play ball by not converting to Judaism, saying shes part Jewish or marrying a Jew so her speaking engagements stopped and she was run out by Farber and book deal canceled all because she didn't want to identify with Judaism so she went off on her own still organizing as a leftist until she came back to us again.

In all our organizational meetings we have never discussed targeting anyone, especially people seeking belonging, we want the opposite, people that are strong and independent that think for themselves, we don't and never wanted people with low self esteem. We never discussed exploiting peoples fears, people like Elisa are told to say those things to spread disinformation and undermine our movement , pretty much anything she and others like her say is an outright lie and fabrication, we know they don't actually believe their own lies unless people like Elisa are losers with low self esteem seeking attention and belonging as she obviously is that type but it is not a quality we want or look for she was just attracted to us we did not seek her out nor do we actively seek out people like that, we want strong quality members we aren't seeking quantity.

Nobody knows what Elisa or others like her actually believe because they are just out for themselves, seeking attention, fame and fortune. Alicia Reckzin that went through that anti-racist/anti-white phase said her beliefs never actually changed and she was more vehemently White Nationalist during her time with Farber, doing anti-racist speaking engagements and organizing events, she had her heart broken, had put members in jail so she felt trapped because there was no going back but was was given forgiveness and was welcomed back into the fold for a short time.

Elisa claiming daddy issues looking for a father figure traded Wolfgang for Daddy Farber, shes been a good obedient little girl repeating what Daddy Farber says by his command, Daddy says be a Jew and she obeyed, tow the party line of Social Communism, she did but now like a rebellious teenager tired of being told what to do and how to act shes off the leash and bit daddy's hand like she did to Wolfgang in a lawsuit basically saying Farber controlled her life and stole her identity and life story, Bad Elisa! Bad Bad Girl! Now shes doing her attention whore thing to be famous again and her money has dried up hence the lawsuit.

Elisa is now suing another just like her that was also a former HF member Elisabeth Moore and Bernie Farber over a movie citing appropriation of her story but it could be loosely based on both of them from what I know of both of them as an anti-white propaganda tool. Because of what they have done they feel trapped in the anti-racist fad, forced to be Jewish to make amends and stuck there meanwhile making money off it and competing for who's more famous or who is the bigger victim, its sad really.
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