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Originally Posted by _DC_
Yes, it is odd how there is a lack of attractive contestants, isn't it? Even in the fourth season of a highly popular show, that I expect many hundreds of applicants flock to. Only Rebecca and Sarah (with longer hair) look attractive.

Naima looks like a fish. Unbelievable, isn't it?

When I have looked at the show, I feel for those White girls. They have a natural instinct to desire beauty and things connected to beauty, so they will be drawn to the fashion industry, especially since it offers glamour and little physical labor to girls who won't go to college and get the big bucks that way. And what they get into is a world completely in the hands of the Jew. Jewish owners, Jewish judges and managers, muds and homosexuals everywhere. Male muds as partners in photo shoots, for example. Female muds exalted as models. Living and working closely with muds and homosexuals every day, and no job security, so you have no freedom at all to express deviant opinions. Only the technical side, like shooting pictures, seems to be a White domain. You can't expect a single one of these White girls to survive the onslaught of propaganda and illusion. This is an intense concentration of propasphere they work in; their minds are fried.

Boo hoo... poor little bitches... all they want is a life of glamour without having to do any work ... and now that noble dream is being taken away from them.

Fuck it... it was pandering to the whims of women that has destroyed our white society ... so now some white women are on the pointy end of the multi-cult that they subconsciously forced us men to accept. Good. Hopefully some of them might wake up and realize what a crock of shit the multicult is.