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Originally Posted by Anima Eternae
I watched one episode of Top Model. The girl they decided to cut was the half-white half-asian one. The high-bitch got into a fight with her over her racial status.

"You need to accept you are asian".

"I'm also half-white."

CUT. Hmm...
Half-Asian, half-Whites are probably neither excellent innovators, nor particularly apt imitators. They're just sort of like Jews I suppose.
"These were no soft-bellied, conservative businessmen assembled for some Masonic mumbodumbo; no loudmouthed, beery red-necks letting off a little ritualized steam about "the goddam niggers"; no pious, frightened churchgoers whining for the guidance or protection of an anthropomorphic deity. These were real men, White men, men who were now one with me in spirit and consciousness as well as in blood." -- Earl Turner, The Turner Diaries