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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes

Well, since we're talking self defense only here-- I'm seeing some boon groid hitting on the crack pipe, getting all hyped up to committ crime or whatever, because they are of low moral quality and they needto build up their nerve, and so I don't see the average low quality ape as being able to successfully STOP me if I have a decent cudgel and I am 20 feet or less away, and he has a small caliber revolver and I am in fear of my life and know that I am legally justified to cave that fucking nigger's head in like a rotton pumpkin. I think it is no better than 50-50 chances and unless I get hit in the head, spine, pelvis, or heart, there will be justice served.
Agreed. The one good thing about confronting a "nigger on the trigger" is that they never develop the disciplinary skills of proper combat-shooting techniques. No matter what the distance -- and I've seen this in the military time and again -- they just point and pull.