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Originally Posted by Jenab
You're 20 feet from a nigger who has this itty bitty revolver. There's nowhere to run. You have a pipe in your hand. What's your odds of winning this engagement?

Jerry Abbott
Thanks for your measured reply JA. If a man walks round with a gun, or even armed with a grenade launcher, a couple of RPGs and bazooka slung over his butt like like an urban caricature of 'Rambo'; if "you're 20 feet from a nigger who has this itty bitty revolver and he pulls the trigger" - it matters little whether you are unarmed, carrying a length of Lead plumbing or whether you are kitted-out like Rambo - if rastus pulls the trigger on you.

The pre-emptive trigger-happy solution of blasting away at any potential threat in the form of bipedal denizens from the 'dark continent' that you may see - doesnt equate with everday reality.

BTW I am all in favour of training to acquire precision target shooting skills. I am a member of my local rifle club and use small bore '22 Anschutz and BSA match rifles and currently working to attain sufficient competency under club guidance to acquire NRA 'Sharpshooter' level marksmanship grade under its Qualification Program. In my heart of hearts, out there on the streets I know I am not likely to be off to buy my next root beer with an assault rifle slung over my shoulder - so for practical assault weapon purposes I know I will have to rely on other means for self-defense.