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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
I wouldnt give you 50-50 against a White person, but against a nigger I would.

Niggers can't aim worth spit. They have poor fine motor coordination. They dont do well in racing or shooting sports. Has a nigger ever won Bianchi cup or an olympic medal in shooting or Camp Perry? No way. There' stupid but they're smart enough to know they might as well get an automatic because "spray and pray" is their usual modality.

As for 20 feet, that's 7 yards. 2 seconds to get there. If I can jump first, and the nigger has to react, that gives me at least a half second to close the gap.

Nigger gets one shot, he better make it good. If he doesnt hit me in the pelvis, spine, heart or head, I'm gonna put a hurt on him.
Do you get first jump? I don't know. I do know that it takes me about two seconds to fire all six bullets in my .357 magnum, if I have a reason to shoot quickly. Against a White guy, I wouldn't give you 10%. Against a nigger, maybe 10%. Twenty feet is a very easy target distance, even for a snubby pistol, even for somebody who's never used a gun before. It's just too far to swing a club from. And you have to do more than hurt the nigger with your club. You have to either knock him out, knock the gun out of his hand, or kill him...with the first blow, or he gets to shoot you again from point-blank range while you're trying to cock back for another swing.