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some very interesting debate here.....
My take on this is, if you can legally carry, then by all means do so.....if the laws in your particular area do not allow for any type of firearms carry, there may still be cases where it would be prudent to carry. You must be the judge of whether or not the risk of legal problems is worth it.
In my book, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, but that does not change the de facto reality of the state overstepping its bounds, and victimizing those good citizens who choose to go about their business armed.
The other things to do, are to get some practical martial arts training -it MUST include sparring, so that you can learn how to react to the movements and strikes from an actual opponent. This also builds courage and confidence.
The other thing is to learn how identify and use "everyday" objects as weapons. In the course of a day, try evaluating everything that you come across, no matter how innocent looking, for it's potential as a weapon.
A sharpened #2 pencil. Imagine the close-range damage one of those could do when used by a very determined person. The key is to ACT when attacked, not freeze up. -You freeze up, you are as good as dead.
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