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Sean Martin

You entire premise is based on shooting someone at a distance. Sniping is murder pure and simple and any jury will convict you of such. A criminal wonít threaten you at 20 feet he will close the distance before he becomes a threat. If you shoot someone at 20 feet the prosecuting attorney will show that they were not a threat and you had reasonable distance to get out of harms way. Firefights from across the street are only common in ghettos and movies.
Originally Posted by Jenab
If he's within arm's reach, he might. The advantage to guns is that they solve the problem of distance.

Then begin shooting before the niggers get close. You do have to assume that they mean you trouble before they give warning of their intentions.
Yes and you bring more reason for tighter gun control thus taking away the future privileges of whites. Then you may cause many others to be victims of groids.
Shoot, then. And if the state executes you, at least you've likely saved the lives of all of the White people who would otherwise have been among the victims of those particular niggers.
You get caught making one you go to prison no questions asked. That is the worst case the best case if you get an expensive lawyer and get fined $10,000.
But with a silenced pistol, you can usually take out a sentry with ease. To be sure, silencers are usually illegal.
Full auto weapons are fantasy guns and a waste of ammo. Every competition shooter I have met has made this claim. I am sure you know the exception. You dump a lot of rounds with the hopes of hitting your target. Everyone knows you canít properly aim a weapon on full auto. As AE said the spray and spray ideology. If you are going to get a gun get a few and master them well. Practice daily. The scenarios you present are under the assumption the shooter is highly trained, experienced and completely calm in a life or death situation. Look at those LA bank robbers. Thousands of rounds fired while wearing body armor and they didnít actually kill anyone other than themselves, I live in America where do you live fantasyland? Remember these were hardened bank robbers who had previously beaten the system and carried illegal weapons. Their opponents were outgunned as well. One trained sniper could have taken both of them, but they were in a fire fight with automatic weapons and body armor and they still didnít kill anyone other than themselves.
Failure to secure a full-auto weapon is yet another example of how to get killed, when among your foes there are those with full-auto weapons.
Again try shooting a moving target under pressure. Then factor in that the lighting may not be so well or the sun could be in your eyes. Your chances are better than you would think.
Nonetheless, facts are facts. Nobody armed with only a pipe is going to beat anybody else with a pistol from across the room (at least a pistol is needed).
Easy to say difficult to do.
Donít hesitate.
Luck? I am skilled but that is all I will say about that at this time.
Do you trust this sort of luck to continue?
Very true and under ideal conditions a great thing. But how many gun owners are true marksmen who can make perfect shots with bad lighting and life or death pressure? Again I am sure you know the exceptions to the rule.
Not true. Marksmanship is an acquired skill, and it can make all the difference in the world.
As is all my advice.
Excellent advice.

Jerry Abbott
Try shooting a moving target at 20 feet. Hang up a cardboard cutout on a clothesline and have someone pull it towards you as it moves in the wind. Not try to shoot it, then have someone pouring cold water down your back this will give you an idea what it is like trying to shoot under pressure. This is also a tactic marine sniper drill instructors use on their students, the cold water thing that is or they usually yell at them while they are trying to make a shot.

Shooting competition has that much pressure now imagine your target moving with the added pressure that your life is at stake and you are being shot at or directly threatened. Couple that with the fact that you are about to take another life and may face life in prison or the death penalty. The pressure of a life ruining decision makes it that much more intense. Anyone on this board that claims they could be 100% calm and shoot to the best of their ability in that type of situation is a liar.

Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
I also shoot regularly in timed competition and you'd be amazed how often people miss even up close when under pressure. Especially me!
Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
Niggers can't aim worth spit. They have poor fine motor coordination. They dont do well in racing or shooting sports. Has a nigger ever won Bianchi cup or an olympic medal in shooting or Camp Perry? No way.

Here lies another problem. Just as pressure can cause you to freeze, fear can cause you to shoot to soon. If you are carrying a gun and shoot without being able to prove just cause you will go to prison. If you pull your gun and threaten you will go to jail. Groid criminals can live their life with 20 outstanding warrants, however something like this would cramp most of our lives.

Then if you justly pull your gun you have to think of the consequences. Well anyway while someone is wildly blasting all 6 rounds in 2 seconds from their pistol, you must think about every round that didnít hit its target. Where does it land? Does it hit someoneís property? Does it hit innocent people?
Originally Posted by antiZOG
some very interesting debate here.....
My take on this is, if you can legally carry, then by all means do so.....
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