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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Back to the original topic. I went to a couple gunstores near Ashland today and I saw some of the junkiest looking 223ís I had ever seen. These were bushmasters and one of them weighed about 2 pounds. I have never held a gun that expensive and made that cheaply before. It had the tag of $750 and was almost entirely constructed of plastic. It had a fluted barrel and everything about it was plastic. Even the lower receiver felt like plastic. The other had a tag of $850 and the stock was in shambles. The entire gun was rickety at best. After holding those to guns I will say I wonít own a Bushmaster arms no matter what the gun shop owner says about them.

On the other hand I saw some rally nice Yugoslavian SKSís. And this one store had a used Smith and Wesson Shotgun with a 9 round tubular magazine for $225. That is an assault weapon. Ten rounds of 00 or 000 buck shells. With 50 or more pellets that is like firing 50 rounds into something. And you donít have to be a marksman to fire a 00 buck round effectively into your target at 10 yards. Then consider shooting half-ounce slugs through that sucker. Probably the most disheartening sound to an intruder is the chu chunk of a 12 gauge shotgun. One shot with that weapon at any distance under 30 feet even in extreme conditions and I wouldnít give someone a 1 in 10 chance.

I have shot the mossberg high cap shotguns and you can cycle them as fast as you want. I have never seen one jam in anyway. While I have never shot the Smith and Wesson ones I am sure they are better quality.

My ideal weapon would be either a Romanian AK ($300) or a high cap shotgun. That is a combo that is difficult to beat for the price.
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