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By the way when you are closing the distance you donít move in a straight line. Many martial arts teach a drop and roll technique, which puts you at a 45-degree angle of your attacker and closes the distance quickly. When you do the roll you come up really fast at an angle that is difficult for your attacker to defend. And they way you are moving gives a difficult target to hit. This is for a distance of 12 feet or less depending on your height. When you come up you are at the perfect angle to deflect and control the weapon.

My teacher had us do this drill where 2 or 3 other students would get on either side of you with a club or knife (with the edges and tip dulled but still painful) and you had to escape using this method. If any student failed in his attempt to legitimately attack you he was then put in the circle and forced to evade. After the first wack across the shoulder (sometimes we had on head gear) back or whatever you learned to move really fast and make this thing work. They were not allowed to strike you in the head, not super realistic but a strike across the back gives you the picture to get out of the way really quickly.

My teacherís goal was to teach self-defense that actually worked in the street and we would some times go to the street (20 feet from his house) and try these things.

If I ever taught a martial arts class again I would incorporate the outdoors in my teaching. Getting in and out of cars, carrying groceries, jogging, opening doors and things of that nature. Most people learn in an open room on 3 inches of padding and have to experience in actual situations.

There is a lot of difference between falling on concrete and padding, and maneuvering in a 20-foot clear circle and bumping into tables and trees.

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I think one could go for a smashing pumpkin move, but the old kotegaishi on the gun hand disarm is supposed to work as well as anything.
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