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Originally Posted by New Order
The knock on these has been that they aren't designed to stand up to the rigors of battle as say an AK is, meaning not meant to shoot thousands of rounds in short period of time and under conditions such as in Iraqi desert etc.

However hunting is an all too often muddy and dusty affair so maybe that part isn't accurate, I do wonder about ability to sustain high levels of fire for extended periods before breaking down.
These are reasonable concerns, which is why I only advised people to get a semi-auto hunting rifle if they live in an area where assault rifles are illegal and they don't want to break the law. Or a large-caliber hunting rifle might be a good purchase if one already owns a good assault rifle (AR-15, AK, FAL, M14, etc.).

How do you clean the barrel of the Browing semi-auto from the muzzle end? That isn't a good idea but is that the only way to do it? As with the lever actions?
I don't actually own one of those rifles (yet). But one way to clean it properly, from breech to muzzle, would be with an Otis kit or other cable pull-through system.

BTW,I don't think you are the jew Masaad Ayoob, who supported the high-mag ban when first proposed by George HW Bush in 1989.
I certainly hope you don't think I'm a Jew! (BTW, I think Ayoob is Arab, not Jewish.) If Ayoob supported that ban, then he's another scumbag, just like most pigs who believe in restricting our freedom to defend ourselves in the name of "officer safety." I know not all cops think that way, but many, many do.