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Default Home Schoolers for Ron Paul

Originally Posted by Rob Roy MacGregor View Post
HSLDA is a Xian organization that has endorsed Rev. Huckabee for president for no other reason than that he's a Xian pandering for their votes. They ignore the acknowledged "home schoolers' best friend" in Congress in favor of Israel-Firster, the Rev. Huckster, though it has been said that at least 25% of home schoolers are non-Xian. I believe a new organization for home schoolers will evolve from this small group of liberty-lovin' Ron Paul fans that values freedom from religion as much as the Xian homeschooler's love their Jesus.

Dr. Ron Paul, though a Xian, fights for parental rights on Constitutional grounds, not Scriptural. He wants the Feds off the backs of homeschoolers.