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Default LL: William "Willie" Roberto Santos


Santos Was Trusted Member Of The Community

Owensboro, KY

William Roberto Santos worked as a laborer at a horse farm in Owensboro, Ky. Nobody seemed to know much about his past, but his behavior and personality quickly made him a trusted member of the community.

He attended church regularly, and parents felt safe leaving their young children in his care. One child in particular, who spent time at the same horse farm where Santos worked, spent four or five nights at a time at Santos' apartment.
William Santos
Nobody had any reason to suspect anything sinister was going on until the 11-year-old boy confessed to his mother that something bad had happened, and that it had happened many times.

An Abuse Of Trust

By the time the 11-year-old told his mother what had happened and the police were contacted, Santos was already gone. Through interviews with the victim and his mother, the police were able to establish that Santos had sodomized the boy multiple times over the course of two weeks.

Santos was also implicated by his gay lover, who went to the police and told them that Santos had confided to him what he had done to the little boy. Unfortunately, Santos did not tell his lover where he planned on going when he disappeared from Kentucky.

When the police went to Santos' apartment, they found he had left in a hurry, leaving most of his belongings behind. But nothing was able to point them towards where Santos was now....

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