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Default LL: Antonio Rosales

Guatemalan Child Molester
Gets Pissed Off At Trial

Man hauled from courtroom during rape trial

December 5, 2007

While his trial was under way this morning, a suspected child rapist smashed a courtroom computer as a prosecutor, just a few feet away, asked a jury to find him guilty.

Antonio Rosales, 41, an undocumented worker from Guatemala, also knocked over the defense table before he was tackled by Seminole County deputies, pinned to the ground, then hauled out of the courtroom.

No one was hurt.

Rosales, who is indigent and has been in jail since his arrest in 2003, was barefoot and in ankle chains at the time.

The outburst came as Assistant State Attorney Anna Valentini was giving her closing argument. Rosales, she said, intended to sexually abuse the 10-year-old victim. He choked her so long and so hard, she lost consciousness, Valentini said.

While she was talking, Rosales, in Spanish, said he didn't do it, stood, picked up a computer keyboard from the defense table in front of him and smashed it against the computer's monitor.

He was immediately subdued by two deputies in the courtroom.

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