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St. George rape and murder
Teen to be tried as adult

The Salt Lake Tribune

A 15-year-old boy charged with raping and strangling a teenage girl in a St. George park will be arraigned as an adult in 5th District Court later this month.

Carlos Hernandez will appear Dec. 18 on charges of murder, rape and aggravated sexual assault, all first-degree felonies,...

Hernandez allegedly strangled and raped Keely Amber Hall, 15, early Jan. 10 in Dixie Downs Park. Hall was found in Dixie Downs Park near playground equipment after police received an anonymous phone call.

Detectives said the boy told investigators he and friends spent the day before the early-morning killing at a house in St. George, drinking and smoking marijuana. They later went to Dixie Downs before the group broke up and left.

Hernandez, Johnson said, acknowledged calling Hall later and arranging to meet her in the park that same night.

A Detective testified the boy told him that, at one point, Hall got up to leave and he grabbed her by the leg and she fell, calling him a "bastard."

The boy became angry, he told investigators, and put Hall in a headlock with his hand over her mouth. Johnson said the defendant told investigators he then pulled down her pants to have sex with her.


Hernandez, who is from Mexico, has been held in a juvenile detention facility since his arrest in January. If convicted, Hernandez could be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.