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Default Itz just a name, jeez!

posted by WIP
These are indeed disgusting crimes, every one of them. But I am forced to question your thread title Jimmy Dean. How are these obvious amerinds "Latin"?

Do you even know what "Latin" is?
Here we go again. Thought I made myself clear but that was way back in this thread.

These shitskins are Mestizos. Spanish, Indian, Negro. Not a drop of roman anything in a million of them.

“Latin Lover” is such a cherished image for’em. Pushin a broom through some warehouse, busin tables at Taco Bell and all the time dream’n of Zoro, Don Juan.

This thread is going to kill the “Latin Lover” image. Nothing manly or gallant in it will be allowed to survive.

If you associate “Latin Lover” with the Mediterranean world, well I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem. I don’t live there I live here in California.

Start your own thread. Better yet, take over this one. You can call it whatever you like. These stories are so GD fkn depressing. It seems like there are just 3 or 4 stories here that just keep repeating.

Originally I had thought of naming this thread “Aztec Warriors”. Like in those black velvet paintings from Mexico. Aztec Brave in plumed headdress and sandals carrying Indian maid in arms and standing on mountain cliffs. Another cherished Mestizo image. But what the hell.