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Patrick Briley
March 24, 2007

Convicted Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing conspirator Terry Nichols has alleged that former high level FBI official Larry Potts gave instructions to Timothy McVeigh to orchestrate the bombing. Nichols claims McVeigh said this before the bombing in a "slip of the tongue" when McVeigh said he was angry with Potts for "changing the target".

The seriousness of Nichols' allegation against Larry Potts lies partly in the fact that at the time of the OKC bombing Potts was an Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI who was put directly in charge of the OKC bombing investigation on April 19, 1995. In early May 1995 Potts was next promoted to the Deputy Director of the FBI, the "number two man" in the FBI under Director Louis Freeh.

Many are skeptical of Nichols allegations since he is a convicted mass murderer. However, people should also be skeptical of Larry Potts because of Potts' questionable role at the Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho sieges by the FBI. Potts was censored by the FBI and removed from being Deputy Director for changing FBI rules of engagement that led to the shooting of Vickie Weaver by Lon Horiuchi at the Ruby Ridge siege.

Weldon Kennedy replaced Potts to conduct the OKC bombing investigation and then was made Deputy Director of the FBI after Potts was removed as Deputy Director in July 1995. Danny Defenbaugh was next named to head the OKC bombing investigation. Defenbaugh himself left the FBI in 2001 after it was discovered that thousands of FBI documents Defenbaugh was responsible for relating to the OKC bombing had been withheld at the federal trials of McVeigh and Nichols. Weldon Kennedy also later resigned from the FBI after being accused of lying to Congress about corrupt practices at the FBI crime lab. Every one of the senior FBI officials Louis Freeh had named to head the OKC bombing investigation left their high-level positions in disgrace and joined the FBI's hall of shame. None of these high level FBI officials were ever prosecuted.

But even if it should later be shown that McVeigh did not directly take instructions from Larry Potts, it can still be conclusively shown that high-level FBI officials including Potts and Louis Freeh were behind the FBI instructing provocateurs to encourage and help McVeigh do the OKC bombing. FBI teletypes, memos and 302 reports already obtained by Jesse Trentadue clearly reveal high-level FBI officials used and protected provocateurs to encourage and help McVeigh including Shawn Kenny, German national Andreas Strassmeir, Dave Hollaway, and a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) who worked in and out of the FBI infiltrated white supremacist compound, Elohim City, in far Eastern Oklahoma. The spiritual leader for Elohim City, Reverand Milar was an FBI informant. An FBI 302 report obtained by Jesse Trentadue shows that McVeigh attended a meeting with FBI informants and provocateurs at Elohim City in 1994.

Shawn Kenny was an Army private that was involved in Midwest bank robberies with McVeigh. Andreas Strassmeir was in the US with an expired visa, knew McVeigh, encouraged him to blow up federal buildings and gave him advice on explosives. Dave Hollaway was a CIA pilot that introduced Strassmeir to Elohim City and then helped Strassmeir escape the INS to Germany via Mexico after the OKC bombing. Hollaway gave McVeigh advice on where to park his truck bomb for optimal damage and how to rent the truck without being easily detected. Public statements by McVeigh defense attorney Stephen Jones and an article by Ron Ostrow of the LA Times indicate that Louis Freeh knew Strassmeir was at Elohim City in 1993. FBI teletypes show that Freeh knowingly allowed Dave Hollaway to help Strassmeir escape. The FBI later used Hollaway as a negotiator in the 1997 Montana Freeman standoff with the FBI.

Larry Potts was a chief investigator for Louis Freeh during the prosecution of a Georgia mail bombing case called VANPAC that involved interaction with informant members of SPLC before the OKC bombing. Interestingly enough, a formal DOJ report later confirmed FBI crime lab chemist Frederick Whitehurst's allegations that FBI crime lab officials gave misleading if not false testimony in the courts not only about the VANPAC case but also about forensic analysis of the truck bomb used in the OKC bombing. Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa publicly accused Kennedy of lying to Congress about the FBI crime lab and Kennedy was forced to resign.

Larry Potts came under DOJ and Congressional investigation in part because of use of the US military in the Waco operation, a violation of the Posse Comitatus statute. The FBI's use of provocateur Shawn Kenny in the OKC bombing plot was also a violation of the Posse Comitatus statue because Kenny was a private in the US Army. The penchant of Larry Potts of illegally using SPLC members in VANPAC and military personnel in WACO was repeated in the OKC bombing. The forensic evidence was "misrepresented" by the FBI under Potts and Freeh in the VANPAC and OKC bombing cases.

Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI, Danny Coulson was also assigned to the OKC bombing investigation. Coulson had worked with Larry Potts at Ruby Ridge and Waco. There have been persistent allegations that Larry Potts and Coulson were in OKC early, very near to the time of the OKC bombing.

WorldNetDaily reported that Danny Coulson checked into an Oklahoma City hotel nearly nine hours before the OKC bombing. Coulson referred in a report he filed with the FBI on May 16, 1995 to a clandestine operation targeting religious extremists (like at Elohim City) as his initial reason for going to OKC. Travel records and vouchers for Coulson and Larry Potts were listed as "missing," according to documents provided to WorldNetDaily.

Coulson traveled to Kingman Arizona to present a proffer, a plea bargain agreement to McVeigh's neighbor, Michael Fortier between April 28 and 29, 1995. The proffer was prepared by Freeh's and Clinton's legal counsel for the FBI and White House, Howard Shapiro. Coulson wrote in his book No Heroes that he encountered James Rosencrans brandishing a rifle at FBI agents when Coulson arrived to present the proffer.

Rosencrans was a drug dealer who testified at the OKC bombing federal grand jury in June and July 1995. Rosencrans claimed he gave McVeigh methamphetamine in exchange for guns stolen from gun dealer Roger Moore. Four employees at the Travelers Aid in OKC down the street from the Murrah Building saw Rosencrans and FBI provocateurs Shawn Kenny and Muslim Mujahid[in] Menepta with McVeigh's car at the Travelers Aid the day before the OKC bombing .

While Potts and later Weldon Kennedy ran the OKC bombing investigation, Coulson told FBI sketch artist Jean Boylan not to make sketches of a John Doe seen with McVeigh in OKC because he "did not want to help the defense." Boylan did not make sketches of numerous John Does seen with McVeigh in OKC by reliable Travelers Aid witnesses and Army recruiters inside the Murrah Building. Coulson likely was concerned Boylan might have sketched some of the FBI provocateurs seen with McVeigh.

Weldon Kennedy also did his part to cover-up his and the FBI's provocateur role in the OKC bombing, not only while he headed the OKC bombing investigation after Potts, but also when he later assumed Potts' position as Freeh's top Deputy Director.

According to Kevin Flynn of the Rocky Mountain News, Kennedy personally shutdown the FBI investigation into Robert Jacques. Jacques was a military man who had been with McVeigh and Nichols at the Cassville, Missouri real estate office of William Maloney and Joe Davidson in November 1994. Kennedy shutdown the investigation when FBI agents learned that Jacques was "one of ours."

While head of the Phoenix, Arizona FBI office, Kennedy had been in a position to monitor the OKC bombing plot activities via Rosencrans and informants in the Arizona militia that knew McVeigh including the head of the militia, Jack Oliphant and members Robert Jacks and Gary Alan Land. FBI documents obtained by Jesse Trentadue show the FBI had informants in the Arizona militia. Jacks and Land were neighbors of McVeigh in Arizona and followed McVeigh to OKC the day of the OKC bombing and afterwards to Perry, OK where McVeigh had been taken when arrested by the OK Highway Patrol.

While in Arizona, Kennedy specialized in using armored cars in FBI sting operations. In the OKC bombing a man named Robert Jacks was in an armored car observing the OKC bombing according to AP reports. There are persistent allegations that Weldon Kennedy, like Potts and Coulson were in OKC early, very near to the time of the OKC bombing.

An informant at Elohim City named Carol Howe identified men plotting to blow up federal buildings to her BATF agent handler Angela Findley Graham. Graham and Howe did not know the men were FBI provocateurs. As a result of Howe's and Graham's undercover work, the BATF planned a raid on Elohim City for March 1995 that, if successful, would have likely averted the OKC bombing in April 1995. However, the head of the OKC FBI office, Bob Ricks met with the head of the BATF in OK and persuaded the BATF to call off the raid on Elohim City. Ricks no doubt knew of the FBI provocateurs at Elohim City from high-level FBI officials like Potts and Freeh.

Bob Ricks knew Larry Potts and Danny Coulson because all three men were deeply involved in the WACO siege in 1993. Ricks worked with Potts, Coulson, and Kennedy on the OKC bombing investigation until October 1995 when Ricks resigned and was made head of the OKC Department of Safety under OK governor Frank Keating.

But Bob Ricks had more forewarning of the OKC bombing than just Elohim City.

The entire federal family of Ricks' FBI agents, US Marshals and federal judges in OKC was given a serious and official warning of an Islamic terrorist assisted attack on the OKC federal building complex in late March 1995 according to testimony by US prosecutor Beth Wilkinson in a November 1996 federal hearing for the OKC bombing.

Three days before the OKC bombing, the OKC FBI office was warned by William Northrup of an attack on the OKC federal building complex that included the Murrah Building. Northrup was a dual U.S. and Israeli intelligence asset who traveled from Florida to OKC to deliver the warning.

Reliable witnesses place Bob Ricks in front of the Murrah Building no more than 20 minutes after the bombing. If these witnesses' stories are true, then Rick's alibi for the time of the bombing is false and there would be further indication of Rick's prior warning. Ricks said his pager alerted him, as he was getting ready to tee off at the Fire Lake Country Club golf course in Shawnee, OK, 40 minutes away from downtown OKC.

There is a possibility that Robert Hanssen, a senior FBI counter terrorism official close to Louis Freeh, compromised the FBI's Elohim City operation to the KGB. Hanssen was later sentenced to life in prison for spying for the KGB. One of the men at Elohim City known to the BATF and FBI was Dennis Mahon, a member of the Klu Klux Klan who gave speeches in Tulsa, OK on behalf of Saddam Hussein and received a monthly stipend from Iraq of $200 per month. Mahon visited Russia and had ties to the KGB. Was Robert Hanssen aware of Mahon's activities at Elohim City for the KGB and Iraqis? When arrested, McVeigh had phone numbers of Iraqi intelligence agents.

The "old boy" FBI high-level leadership crony network involved in the OKC bombing provocations showed only contempt when they scammed the public with Larry Potts even at his retirement. The August 2001 Congressional Record has this entry:

"The Washington Times reported that a group of FBI managers staged a conference entitled 'Integrity in Law Enforcement'' that was merely a sham and a cover, so that senior FBI managers could obtain improper reimbursements for traveling to a retirement party for veteran agent Larry Potts [in 1997] No one was disciplined other than to receive letters of censure."

For more details please see my new book The Oklahoma City Bombing Case Revelations

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