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You know another angle that always made me suspicious about this whole Tim McVeigh deal was about his supposed " connection " to the movement.

1. He supposedly loved the Turner Diaries so much yet he never made any known attempt to contact Dr Pierce, even though the good doctor was pretty easy to get in touch with. He traveled all around the USA to gun shows, went to see the Waco standoff and even called in the NA hotline a few times hours before the bombing but he NEVER made the trip to talk to the man who wrote his " blueprint"? How curious.

2. He had no license plate on his vehicle. It was like he wanted to get pulled over, And when he was pulled over by one lone cop he chose to tell the cop he had a gun and submitted to being arrested quietly. He was a sharpshooter, had just killed a bunch of people and wouldnt shoot a cop.....gimme a break.

3. He had the Turner Diaries and various other "patriot" materials in his car when he was arrested. Pretty convenient, was he planning on doing some reading???

These are just a few of the holes that I personally found in the story that just dont make a hell of a lot of sense. Also, lets face it boys, the Turner diaries are more about a race war than anything else and McVeigh was not pro white, he was a race traitor who was messing with Nichols wife. I cannot imagine that ANYONE could like that book if they were not a serious racialist.
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