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Default Re: FBI Behind OKC Bombings

These are interesting points, April. Cash, who knew as much about all this as anybody, expressed mixed, even contradictory views, in the Horton interviews. On one hand he says McVeigh loved Turner Diaries, but he also refers to evidence, including photos and letters to his sister, that McVeigh was on some kind of undercover military project, and his washing out of special forces and becoming a vagrant was a cover story - as was apparently the case with Guthrie, one of the ARA bankrobbers.

It's very hard to find anyone in ARA/Elohim City crowd who was not a military guy or federal informer. It seems to me that either Cash's background or his disdain for "nazis" is blinding him to the reality of OKC. He sees it as some sort of sting gone wrong, explained by hyper-incompetence. I don't think that's the case. It is proved beyond doubt that the feds knew that a bomb was going to go off. Their claim that they screwed up and didn't stop it in time - that is not credible to me.

I really encourage people to listen to all the interviews above.