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One thousand policemen to monitor neo-Nazi march in Plzen

Plzen- About 1000 policemen will guard the streets of Plzen during a neo-Nazi march through the city centre on Saturday, March 1, police spokeswoman Jana Vaclavova said.

She said riot police, traffic police, detectives and investigators, mounted police and dog-handlers will be on alert since there is a real danger of a conflict arising between the neo-Nazis and their opponents.

Members of anti-conflict teams will also be available.

The police will have water cannons, armoured carriers and a helicopter at their disposal, Vaclavova said adding that the Bavarian and Saxon police forces have also been asked to send their specialists.

The march will be held from 14:00 to 19:00 on Saturday.

"Since opponents of the march plan to hold unauthorised actions outside the Grand Synagogue and at other places approximately at the time of the march, there is a real danger of a conflict between the groups," Vaclavova said.

She said the police have recommended to people to avoid the streets along which the neo-Nazis plan to march.

The regional court in Plzen has authorised the march called Protest against limitation of freedom of assembly and limitation of freedom of expression to be held on a substitute date after it upheld the complaint by Vaclav Bures against a ban imposed on the planned march in January.