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Czech neo-Nazis end march through Plzen

Prague- About 150-200 Czech neo-Nazis reached the namesti Republiky square where the rally was to end after a 60-minute march through the West Bohemian town of Plzen this afternoon, the police said.

However, upon an agreement with the police about one half of them will be driven by buses to the railway station and the rest will march back to the bus station from where they had left.

No incident has occurred during their march, although the neo-Nazis walked passed a rally of about 500 anti-fascists.

Anarchists pelted the neo-Nazis with empty bottles and apples.

The two groups were separated by the riot police.

The neo-Nazis' march was preceded by speeches attacking the current regime. Neo-Nazi activists accused the police and political establishment of harassing and terrorising them.

"This is no democracy, but a totalitarian rule," one of them said.

The marchers were wearing black flags and some of them covered their faces with masks.

The march was originally scheduled for January 19, one day after the 66th anniversary of the first transport of Jews from Plzen to concentration camps. The Plzen Town Hall banned the march, but a court later ruled that the ban was not invalid and that the organiser had the right to stage a new march.

Extremism experts say the march is organised by the neo-Nazi National Resistance.