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Homeschooling legal in Michigan since 1993


Wyoming - Michigan once had a law requiring parents to have a teacher certification if they homeschool their children.

But unlike California, the Michigan law was changed 15 years ago.

Now Michigan parents who say they want to home school their children for religious reasons need no certification.

The law was overturned in 1993 after an Allendale couple took their case to the Michigan Supreme Court and won.

Thousands of Michigan children are now homeschooled.

"You see the spelling bees, the geography bees things of that nature often are led by homeschoolers," says homeschool mother Diane Hehman.

"It's more one on one," says 15-year-old student Kaitlyn Hoffman. "My mother can explain it to me if and if I don't get it, she can help me with it."

Parents must teach their children customary subjects like reading, math and science.

It is up to the state to prove the children are not learning.

"Parents know children better than anyone else knows them," says homeschool mother Carol Hoffman. "Parents know what they need, what their strengths and weaknesses are. There is no need for a certificate."