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Jews file complaint over extremists' march in Czech town - TV

Plzen- The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic has filed a legal complaint over Saturday's march of neo-Nazis in Plzen, Nova commercial TV reported today.

The federation says the participants made Nazi salutes outside a local Jewish synagogue and chanted anti-Semitic slogans.

Passers-by allegedly reported this behaviour to the police, but policemen did not interfere and the march was not dispersed, Nova said.

The police action commander dismissed having received any reports about the chanting of anti-Jewish slogans during the march.

The municipal clerks who permitted the march and supervised it said they had not noticed any such behaviour during the event either.

However, the video-recorded shots that Nova released today show that the extremists were shouting "Jews to gas."

The Jewish Liberal Union intends to complain against the police steps during the neo-Nazi event, saying that the march should have been dispersed and that it must be investigated why the police did not do so.

The Interior Minister's Inspection will probably investigate the case, Nova reported.