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Originally Posted by MikeTodd View Post
Well,Rabbi, as someone who had worked for years in the criminal court system I can tell you that if the prosecution had to rely solely on eyewitness testimony they would never get a conviction, assuming the defense attorney was competent of course! No evidence is more easily discredited and debunked than that of the eyewitness, even if they think they're telling the truth! Sans corroborating evidence even the eyewitness testimony of the police can be demonstrated to be unreliable and impeachable! Imagine how easy it would be to call into question the veracity of a lying kike! Chew on that foreskin for awhile, Rabbi! LOL!
If eyewitness evidence alone could not result in a conviction, no one would ever get a ticket for a moving violation (well, there still could be tickets, but I think you get the meaning here).

But all jews do speak in absolutes though. Just like you.


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