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I'll not argue with you, Rabbi, as only White men are worthy of debate, just as only White men are worthy of the Common Law!
The only purpose you serve to those of us here, Rabbi, is as a foil, on exhibition, to be poked and prodded like a particularly nasty and loathsome annelid in a petri dish!
The only legitimate argument I could ever conceive of you and I having would be very direct and to the point:
Bullet or rope, Rabbi?

The way things ought to be!
LOL at the idea that Germans would need a kike to tell them how to build something!
LOL also at the ridiculousness of the notion of a yiddish she-brew getting her smegma-dips dirty by being physically involved with constructing something useful! Great scene though, gets funnier every time I see it!
I should post this in the Tales of the Holy Hoax thread!
Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.