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Originally Posted by Slamin2 View Post
This is a load of bullshit. Are you making this stuff up or what? Who, how, what !! What the fuck are you studying? Legal systems of wonderland?

Show me any law under any judicial system in which it is explicitdly stated that a criminal conviction can not be atained via eyewitness testimony alone?

C'mon Bitch, prove it!!
The results of a cursory ten-minute google search, jew. About all I'm willing to devote to your nonsense; and the most basic information, taking into consideration your general intelligence and ignorance.

A Dictionary of Psychology | Date: 2001

eyewitness testimony n. Evidence of events that occurred, actions that were performed, or words that were spoken, given in court by a person who observed the events or actions at first hand or heard the words being spoken. See also eyewitness misinformation effect, false memory, weapon focus.

© A Dictionary of Psychology 2001, originally published by Oxford University Press 2001.

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The Patriot Ledger Quincy, MA; 7/16/2004; Sara Perkins; SARA PERKINS; 595 words ; The Patriot Ledger Few people can speak on the fallibility of eyewitness testimony with as much authority as Jennifer Thompson Cannino. Cannino, now 33, confidently identified her attacker after a 1984 rape, only to be told, in 1995, that the man she had sent to jail for life had been exonerated by Read more

The Virginian Pilot; 11/21/1999; Dolan, Matthew; 1530 words ; Byline: MATTHEW DOLAN, STAFF WRITER NORFOLK -- Elizabeth Simmons looked squarely at James Rodney Brown and knew he was the one. Simmons testified that Brown robbed her at gunpoint at the Be-Lo store where she worked the register on May 3, 1998. Her manager, Keri Howard, backed up Simmons' Read more

A Matter of Memory
The Washington Post; 6/23/2000; 158 words ; Neither more available DNA testing nor higher standards for defense lawyers will solve the problem of wrongful death sentences based on eyewitness testimony [editorial, June 12]. DNA testing is useless unless biological material is available to test. This is frequently the case in sex crimes, but Read more

Pelo defense loses fight over expert
The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL; 4/8/2008; Edith Brady-Lunny; 436 words ; BLOOMINGTON - An expert expected to testify about the reliability of eyewitness testimony will not be allowed to testify at the upcoming trial of a former Bloomington police officer accused of sexually assaulting four women, a judge ruled Monday. Jeff Pelo, a 43-year-old former police sergeant Read more

Expert testimony: Does eyewitness memory research have probative value for the courts?

Canadian Psychology; 5/1/2001; A Daniel Yarmey; 6830 words ; Abstract Case studies, and more recently DNA testing in the United States, have shown that mistaken eyewitness identification is responsible for more wrongful convictions than all other causes combined. It is argued that scientific laboratory and field research can contribute to the court's better Read more

Mitigating the dangers of capital convictions based on eyewitness testimony through treason's two-witness rule.

Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology; 3/22/2001; Jain, Monika; 13088 words ; ... issue in the United States, due to the news of the high number of innocents being released ... from prison and from death row. (1) This news is even forcing proponents of capital punishment ... Innocents Freed by Students, THE OBSERVER NEWS, July 7, 1996, at 21. (48) Williams, 588 ... Read more

Eyewitness accounts often inaccurate, study finds
New Haven Register; 6/21/2004; Abram Katz; 610 words ; Victims who get a good long look at violent criminals are unlikely to identify them accurately later, Yale and U.S. Navy researchers have found. This caveat follows from a unique study of 509 Navy and Marine officers undergoing elite survival training at Fort Bragg, N.C. Results suggest that police Read more

Demjanjuk attorneys say judge ignored eyewitnesses
Cleveland Jewish News; 4/19/2002; Karfeld, Marilyn H.; 579 words ; ... evidence to the defense. Prosecutors filed the current case in 1999, relying on Soviet-captured Nazi documents made available after the collapse of communism. The two-week trial was held last May. Article copyright the Cleveland Jewish News. V.84; Read more

A tripartite solution to eyewitness error.
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology; 3/22/2007; Wise, Richard A. Dauphinais, Kirsten A. Safer, Martin A.; 27816 words ; I. INTRODUCTION The vagaries of eyewitness identification are well-known; the annals of criminal law are rife with instances of mistaken identification. (1) [W]e regularly sentence innocent people to death. So the underlying question remains: Considering all the attention we devote to death penalty Read more

Spielberg's 'The Last Days': Eyewitness testimony and horrific

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A Dictionary of Psychology eyewitness misinformation effect n. A phenomenon whereby misleading post-event information distorts an eyewitness's recall of an event, as when a victim of a sexual assault who is subsequently told that an arrested suspect ... perpetrator's arm. The effect may be caused by the post-event information overwriting the ... Read more

The Oxford Pocket Thesaurus of Current English ... statements from witnesses | a witness to the accident synonyms : eyewitness, observer, spectator, onlooker, looker-on, viewer, watcher ... clothes were witness of his poverty synonyms : evidence, testimony, confirmation, corroboration, proof. phrases: bear witness ... to bear witness synonyms : give evidence, ... Read more

Piaget kidnapping memory

A Dictionary of Psychology ... 1896–1980) and reproduced in English translation by the US psychologist Elizabeth F. Loftus in her book Eyewitness Testimony (1979): ‘I was sitting in my pram, which my nurse was pushing in the Champs Élysées, when a man ... past in the form of a visual memory’ (pp. 62–3) ... . Read more

American Decades ... new job had nothing to do with her testimony in the Jones case. The congressman ... events at the time of the sworn testimony. Ruff also argued that Clinton's ... emphasized that House prosecutors had no eyewitnesses, tapes, or confessions indicating ... president obstructed justice in his testimony ... . Read more

Creatures of the Night
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Shit, for that matter, tell us the legal definition of intentional evidence.

Here, I'll make it easy.

Show us the legal definition of intentional evidence under the fedearl rules and how it is applied in criminal courts
American Federal Rules of Evidence as applicable in post-war Germany were not observed at the Nurnberg Trials; it is irrelevant and disingenous of you to try to make them relevant now, jew.

Again "intentional evidence" as defined by English Common Law, is still a matter of debate in legal circles and holds no validity when a jew tries to apply such evidence to shore up holocaustian claims.

Such "intentional evidence", as I stated before is generally applied to financial misconduct; credit card fraud, debt fraud ect, and, it is no surprise that the majority of criminals involved in these "white collar crimes" are jews.

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